Madara ゴジータ

NARUTO -ナルト-

Project Date: March 2020    Photo Credits: thecrysa

Madara was the legendary leader of the Uchiha Clan. He was one the of the founding fathers of Konohagakure, alongside his childhood friend and rival Hashirama Senju. Later on, they fought for the control of the village, which resultet in Madaras death. However, he didn’t die and went into hiding to work on his own plans and later started to corrupt Obito Uchiha for his own resurrection. 

I always wanted to make a more classic looking samurai armor with more details. So I created this design of Madara. I spent some time thinking about what engravings makes sense for his name and character!

You can read more about this project down below. Thanks for checking out this Cosplay write up. Need tutorials and patterns? Check out this link.

How I Designed Madara

As for most of my cosplays, I wanted to add my own note to Madara. The two sketched versions on the right site show my designs of Madara in his red samurai armor during the 4th Shinobi war and his armor while he was still in the village of Konohagakure. You can see the original armor design right next to it. 

Samurai armor often hast a loft of ropes, so I made sure they re and important part in the finished costume. The eyelits will add an extra detail. 

Susanoo is an important part of the 4th Shinobi War, so I added a selfmade Design of Madaras Design on the front. The front and side hip armor pieces will get an engraved design of the nine tailed fox and his Susanoo. Of course I can’t miss the opportunity to add the Uchiha Clan logo to the arms. Madara translated to English means patchy and uneven, so I added flower and leaf patterns to the rest of the arm guards. 

I added some leather padding as a kind of under armor and gave his clothes some extra details. 



How i made Madara

The first step was to make the basic foam pattern. For this, I made a pattern out of paper and changed it until I was happy with the basic shape. Every pattern piece was then cut out in 5mm foam and changed if needed. To make sure everything was perfetctly aligned, I added the eyelets and ropes for a test fitting. 

After I was satisfied with that, I started with the engraving. I did all engravings with a simple soldering iron. First, I created a pattern on paper and then traced it on the foam. Then I burnt the foam with different tips. Please wear a mask!! 

For the leather underarmor, I took some 3mm foam, covered it in the fake leather and then handstitched around the whole piece to create an extra detail. These pieces are added with velcro for easier transportation. The shoulder and hip pieces can also be attached with velcro. 

To prepare everything for painting, I covered the foam with one layer of flexbond and 3 layers of Gummidip. 

The wig was made by bakkacosplay