Kawaki カワキ

Naruto Next Generations

Project Date: June 2020    Photo Credits: viiilicous

Kawaki is a child raised by Kara as the future vessel of Isshiki Ootsutsukis as his current host body is not able to contain his power. He escapes Kara and is taken in by Naruto Uzumaki who raises him as his own. He acts as the rival to Boruto Uzumaki with whom he shares a brotherly bond. His true role in the storyline has yet to be revealed. 



The Vest for this costume was made in 2 days. Pants, shirt, belt and shoes are old repurposed clothes. The black top wig is selfmade and for the blonde undercut I used my own short hair.

You can read more about this project down below. Thanks for checking out this Cosplay write up. Need tutorials and patterns? Check out this link.