Strawberry Moon 2021 Fanbook Physical Version




Strawberry Moon 2021 Gintoki x Tsukuyo Fanbook
This book is a collection of the Strawberry Moon 2021 Creator Collaboration and Twitter Fanevent held from October 3rd to October 10th 2021.

Includes 10 different stories by our writers and over 20 high quality printed artworks.
Authors in this book: loveatthirdsight, TheFirstMaster, Laralink, JaceyAugust, History101, Rhenawedd, Claymorecut, Abyss_in_machines

Artists in this book: seigibathala, gintokisimp, mahiwaga_bghn, manya_kun, SukonbuCo, evartandadam, mapleandwave, XtyXtoi, pwapuri, akejelly, selomero97, RaniiDaki, nothing4nothing

The book has a hardcover, 176 pages and is printed in A5 size (14,8 x 21,0 cm).
It is threadstitched, has a glued in bookmark and a headband (the example book in the pictures does not have these extras).

Every order includes a small secret extra.
Check the images below for more details and the sticker pack.

This is a non-profit based fanbook. All appearing characters are not our property. This book is not affiliated with Gintama.

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