(In progress, more pictures soon)

In my cosplay carrier I never really tried out wig-making after my big fail a few years ago. For Widowmaker I finally decided to learn more about wigs. I never really used or styled wigs until last year just simply because I hated it. But if you never done a wig before, please see this as a motiviation to try it by yourself! After some researchin wanted to use a wig that already got a ponytail. I think I will not manage it to resew an entire wig to make the wefts go in the right direction. The ponytail itself is very huge, so I needed wefts too. The color was easy, you dont have much options with ponytail wigs. In the buying process is realised. that the ponytail in the wig will be way too low and than I cried because I thought it was an impossible part to make it higher (I was just sad, no crying involved xD). My budget for the wig was not that big, so I decided to use a wig without lacefront. But I still not recommend a lacefront wig because you will glue a hairline anyways and its much cheaper. I searched around the web for the wig and ended up with the wigs coscraft. If you are based in the US you can use ardawigs! But shipping to germany was way too much. Now you need reference pictures and materials! Here is what I used:

I used around twenty bobbypins, ten hairclips, five hotgluesticks, two tacky glue tubes and two cans of got2b sprühkleber. I ordered a ponytail wig from coscraft called Dave in midnight Blue (click here for link) and two wefts in midnight blue. I recommend three wefts (click here). You also need a few pieces of softfoam, PVC pipes, Thermoplastics and a hairdryer.


Lets start! You may noticed, that Widowmakers ponytail dangles really far away from the body. I’ve seen many wigs, where the hair goes straight down the head. Thats because they dont use a construtction to hold the ponytail up. I immediately thought of the PVC pipes I have flying around in my flat. I took one with a bigger diameter and formed a small base with Worbla and 5 mm foam. I cutted out a hole for the PVC pipe and pressed down the edges into the Worbla. After that I made a hole in the wig where the ponytail needs to be. Then I pinned down the wig on the styropor head. I locked in all the hair and the front hair by using a lot of hairspray, brushing it back in position and than carefully heating it up with the blowdryer. Its iportant to use it on every single hairstreak. It helps a lot to make it really solid. In between steps you need to try on the wig a few times. Mine was to big and bulgy at the back, so I cutted all hair on the back again and used a lot of presure to make the wig shorter in the back. You dont need to be afraid of hair coming off if you use the hairspray and dryer method right.

first picture You can see the underconstruction here. PVC pipe plus a piece of Worbla with foam. Second picture is the raw wig without any styling. Third picture already with the glued in soft foam base. I sadly dont have a pattern for this, I just made a freehand foam piece and glued it all around the PVC pipe. Its not as long as the ponytail because I want the tip to be jiggly. You can see how it worked in the videos on my instagram highlighted stories (@wegenaer). Feel free to follow me! 🙂


Now the hardest part. The styling. On the left picture you can see the hairs of the original ponytail. I ironed and hotglued them in place. As a finish I used the hairspary/dryer method. On the next picture you can see how I placed all the hairs. They are not really impoartant for the ponytail itself. After you finished this step, you can cut your first weft. I placed a bit wool on the soft foam because my sides turned out a bit too flat. This helps to build volume. Hotglue the first weft in place. Please only glue it on where you cant see the glue later! Keep going by adding more wefts and dont forget to use your hairdryer to harden the hairspray. I also glued some wefts around the end of the softfoam part to make the ponytail more dense.

Use the clips to keep the hair in place. When you are happy with your density and styling, use more hairspray on that part! You can try on the wig several times to see if it fits the goal you want to reach. Sew in some clips in the wig to pretend if from falling. You can do the hair strands with hairspray or with the tacky glue. I prefer the hairspray method. Just take a weft, cover it in hairspray and place it on the ponytail. Heat it up carefully until you have the wave you wanted.

Glue in a piece of fabric leftovers and fit it on your head. If you like the shape of the hairline, place the wig on your styropor head and start with the fun part!

Just take a weft around 5 cm long. Cut off the end part and take some tacky glue. Place the weft on your fabric hairline and smear on the tacky glue. Use the clips to prevent the strands to fall off.  Keep on going until you have did the full front part. You can speed up the drying process with your hairdryer. When the glue is dry, lock in the rest of the hair. Then you can cut the hairline in the right shape with a simple pair of scissors!

Thanks for reading! If you find some grammar mistakes, please let me know!
Tag me in your wig progress pictures and let me see if my tutorial helped you <3