On Monday before the Skin got released I struggled with Sombra.. I knew at that point that I couldnt finish her in 2 weeks. Then they released the skin and I needed to cosplay it directly. I started on the same evening with the wings. The whole Cosplay was done in 10 days. It needed to be finished for gamescom 2017 and I can rework her now. Need to fix some things. Here is the material and price list. I did not bought anything new, but I wanted to list the prices anyway. You can get ProFoam H 3mm and 5mm at craftperium.eu. My Winged Victory Mercy is made on a really low budget.

COSPLAY BREAKDOWN (Mercy Winged Victory Summer Games Event Skin)
-ProFoam H 5 mm 1 XL sheet                                  30€
-ProFoam H 3mm 1 S sheet                                    10€
-Cosplayflex small parts                                    5€
-2 Bra Closers                                              2€
-Gold Spray Color                                           17€
-PVC Pipes                                                  3€
-Straps                                                     5€
-More Colors                                                5€
-Shoes as a base                                           15€
-blue fabric                                                5€
-white 4 way stretch jersey                                12€
-glue, magnets, ...                                        10€


First thing you will see here are the wings! I took some screenshoots of the wings with my laptop and measured the length of the wings on my own body. My wings are circa 72 cm long per wing. I resized them in photoshop and printed them out. Then I glued them together and cutted them out. I will upload a blueprint of them later! This method was just a bit faster than creating a blueprint. When the blueprint is finsihed you can also find it under DOWNLOADS. There is a method to resize them for a printer but I simply scale the pictures to the right size and print out a few sections. Its a hard work but worth it.

Next I transfered them to ProFoam H 5 mm, dremeled them and glued them piece by piece together. In the next pictures you can see how I did the harness and how the wings are attached to my body! I simply took some PVC pipes, heated them and pressed them in form. Then I sewed a harness and added some Cosplayflex and the pipes. The PVC pipe in the wings is a bit bigger than the ones on the harness. They can simply slide on. After trying them on for the first time, I noticed how light they are. You can’t really feel something on your back. I was amazed by this xD



The first step is priming. I primed the wings with woodglue. Woodglue is a good choice for non-bending objects. Just 1 Layer is enough here. When the woodglue is fully dried you can start priming with white. It took me 4 layers until nothing of the foam looked through the white. Make sure to buy a good spray paint and seal it very good. Otherwise it will rub off and crack really easy. Or just be super super carefull, your choice. I used black and white acrylics on the black for shadows and highlights. For the feathers I used white, black and brown to create the 3D Effekt. You can see a video on how I painted them on my youtube channel Lara Wegenaer. Sadly I cannot give you more explanations for this. It took me years of oil and acryl painting to get to this level. I added the video under the next photos! You can follow the steps how I painted them


The headpiece is partly made from Cosplayflex. I made a pattern for the leafs and cutted them out. Then I shaped them and presses them together and shaped them again! The headpiece itself is made from ProFoam H 5 and 3 mm. I will upload the pattern later. I need to find and scan it! Its costumized for my jawline so if you use it, try it with a paper model first.

For priming I used Flexipaint on this part. The I applied the gold spraypaint and shaded/highlighted it with black and white again. For the leafs I used green, yellow, black and white. I didnt primed the cosplayflex parts. Make sure to seal the colors or else they will fade. The headpiece itself is tucked to my head in the back with pins and glued on my face in the front.



At first I wanted to craft the whole sole by myself. But I thought I could save a lot of time and tears by getting some 10€ sandals. I walked a few minutes to the city and bought some sandals in a cheap china store. I cutted off all straps until I only got the sole left. Then I taped the sole to my foot and wrapped the whole thing. I figured out a pattern directly on myself.

The base of the shoes is made with 5mm ProFoam H. Details with Cosplayflex or 3mm ProFoam H. It is closed in the back with a bra closer. The front of the shoe is covered with Cosplayflex for more stability. Finally, the feathers on the back are made with 3mm craftfoam and glued on with contact glue. As you can see, I crafted the diamond (dont know if thats the right word) shaped thing out of Cosplayflex. Use something hard for this part. This is important!

You can see the testpainting of one shoe on the right picture, I did this before adding the stripes to the shoe. For the ‘bracelet’ part of the leg, I made a pattern with some tape and foil around my leg. I cutted it out and traced it on ProFoam H 5mm. The detail part is traced on ProFoam H 3mm, dremeled nice and smooth and then glued on the top. Its crafted tight enough to fit on my leg without any glue or other attachments. Its hard to get down but thats cosplay haha. The wires between shoe and top are made with 5mm ProFoam H dremeled round. All connections are contact glued and then covered with Cosplayflex.

The arms are made the same way. They are crafted tight but open in the back an can be closed with velcro. The base is crafted with Cosplayflex and the details on top are again ProFoam H 3mm. The upper leg armor is made the same way again. The ends of the strips are attached to a rubber band which goes around my hip.

For the broches I did a freehand pattern. The leafs are made with cosplayflex. Later, I also airbrushed the blue fabric with some black to make it look more natural and shaded. The belt ist made with a piece of wire inside of it. Just glue the ends of two thick foam stripes together and heat them until you can twist them. It is cloes with magnets.


Even though I am into cosplaying for almost 5 years now, I have to admit that I have no clue of sewing. All I do is throwing stuff together without patterns and somehow it works in the end. For the shape of the dress I used my 4 year old Zelda Dress Top. I created it with a simple T-Shirt back then. I cutted it out a bit slimmer because the fabric is really stretchy. For the longer front and back part I just measured how long it needs to be. I tried it on and cutted the U shape on the sides. The skirt is just a 1/2 skirt on each side ruffed a bit together. To make the front and back part thicker, I applied some simple white fabric. At the end of the arms I sewed in some elastic band. My first idea for the lining on the dress was of course fabric. But did not had the time (and money) to order something new at this point. So I tried out something new. At first I took a piece of the dress fabric as a sample and brushed some woodglue on it. I added 3 layers. After it dried I brushed on the Gold Spray Paint. It worked pretty good and so I decided to do it like this. The only thing now is: I am not able to put it in the washing machine. In the Original Design of the Mercy Skin you can see some 3D parts on the dress. I decided to use more foam for this. I taped my mannequin with foil and drew on the pattern. The base for the thicker parts is made with the 5mm ProFoam H and the thins ones are again 3mm ProFoam H. The primed and painted pieces are then glued on the dress. I used this method for the neck and shoulder part too.

Then, I focused on the patterns on the dress itself. My first idea was to make them on an extra piece of fabric. But I made a pattern directly on the dress and then primed it with woodglue. After 3 layers, I painted it with the gold spray paint.

And here are some photos a few hours before I received the wig


The wig was made by Klettes Cosplay (facebook). I just did some airbrushing later


The Staff or also known as Cadeceus from my Winged Victory Mercy Cosplay was a pretty challenging build. It is made completely from ProFoam H 5mm and 3mm. The core is a simple PVC pipe. The first thing you should do is to think about the handling. Do you want it to be one complete prop or single parts which can be assembled? I made 8 parts for my Cadeceus.

I started this prop by using my iPad and the free Sktetch Book App to draw a Blueprint from some screenshots. I measured the staff by using a ruler I found on google. It worked somehow lol. My Cadeceus is around 2 meters high. The PVC pipes I used have different measurments. The longest handle part in the middle is a thiner one. The end of the staff and the complete top part can be attached OVER it. Next, the middle part is also the thiner one. It can be plugged into the main handle part. The fire thing on top is just plugged into the other parts.

The first thing I crafted was the main handle part. It still gives me nightmare to be honest. I really hate to build round stuff because using blueprints is really hard and I love to work with blueprints. I added more and more layers on the PVC tube until it was the right thickness. I shaped it and added details. The LED is installed through a hole in the PVC tube.

The attachments on the top of her weapon are made by cutting out the blueprint and tracing them on the foam. The middle part is glued together with crooked edges. Then I attached the leaf wings. Before aplying the purple parts, I dremeled all edges smooth. The white foam is then applied on top. Finally you need to attach the back part. I was too lazy to create something hollow so I just glued the LED behind the round thing. The finsihed parts are attached with magnets. I will upload photos of this construction later. You can glue them to the main part but its more practical like this.



Usually I do blueprints by myself. You can download this blueprint for free on my page under ‘Downloads’. If you liked this blueprint it would be really nice if you could donate a small amount on my paypal lara@wegenaer.de. Please tag me if you used this blueprint!

Step 1: Think of a main body. The segments I choosed are not the best ones. Do smaller ones! They are easier to sand down.



Blackwatch Genji is Non Stop Props (Facebook) and Photo by RK Photographie (Facebook)