Before I even started playing Overwatch (in November 2016), I found the Cyberspace Sombra Skin on Facebook and I started loving it. I uploaded it in my Cosplay Wishlist on my Facebook page. You can take a look on my wishlist here if you are interested. I used this Highpoly Model from the creator Hong Chan Lim on Artstation. You can check his work on the Overwatch Character Models here

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Cosplay Breakdown: What I paid    The Skirt    Armor Parts    Dokomi 2017

This was also the first time I needed LEDs and a better wig work. I never actually cared about wigs and only did characters who dont have hair or don’t need a special wig. Here is a material list. I tried to list everything I bought and used for this cosplay! I only wrote estimated prices because the changed sometimes.

COSPLAY BREAKDOWN (Cyberspace Sombra Skin)
-1 XL role of Cosplayflex                                              60€                   
-1 L role of 3mm ProFoam H and some older parts of thicker EVA foam    50€
-60 single LEDs Blue 3V small                                          10€
-wires and LED stuff(also the soldering iron)                          20€
-batteries                                                             10€
-switches and batterieholder                                           10€
-LED stripe 5m                                                         20€
-colors, brushes and woodglue                                          15€ 
-the wig made by Bakka Cosplay                                         450€
-headpiece                                                             0€
-fabrics                                                               60€
-wires on the back                                                     3€
-1 tube of glue                                                        6€
-Make-Up                                                               10€
-contact lenses (not bought yet)                                       30€
in total (well shit this was expensive)                                754€



As you can see on the left picture, one leg is made of a few single pieces. Sadly I did not made a pattern for this but I think the pictures show the shape of the foam pieces good enough









-Small Blog entry in between-


This years Dokomi I wasnt finished with Sombra (duh) but I wanted to wear the wig which I received from bakka Cosplay a week ago. I did a quick casual cosplay and it was different on both days. The Make-Up needes about 1 1/2 in total. And it looked really good besides my stupid shaped eye lids and the eyeliner on it. I really hate my Eyelids. On the right picture you can see my Outfit from Sunday. I liked this one more than the Saturday Outfit but I don’t have good photo from this one here.