Tutorial: How to build a Zora Headpiece!

I got many questions on how I do my Zora heads. So here is a tutorial on buildung these!

So..lets start! What you need:

– a mannequin head – soft foam (stuffing material for suits etc.) – a lot of glue! I used Pattex Classic and a hot glue gun
– 4 Way Stretch Jersey fabric in the colors you want (or white)
– some random fabric
– thin fleece
– Some Worbla or Cosplayflex
– a sewing machine (obviously)
– foam or silicone in a tube for details

The Original Design for my first Zora is by Rich Carey. You can follow his work by clicking here.

The Zora Head on the following pictures is the one for my Twilight Princess Zora! It was made in early 2016 and was my first ever made body extension.

As you can see, I layered the soft foam from the tip to the head. This method gives you more flexibility. For Mipha´s head, I forgot to do it likes this and its now much less flexible.

So for more flexibility, follow these pictures! Trace the form you want on a big piece of paper and test it on your real head and the mannequin head. If you like it, you can start glueing! Cut out a full form middle piece and glue layer onto it. When you are finished with this part, cut the foam until you get a round shape an the shape you want. Now cut out the fins and shape them. Grab the fleece to fill all gaps and make it more round and smooth. The random fabric parts do the same job. When youre done and happy with the result, you can start with the stretchy farbric! pin it aorund the head until it suits the form. Pull it of and sew it. Be sure to use enough fabric to glue it later on your forehead. Then sew the parts for the fins and attach them by hand. You can smooth the lines with some sillicone.

Now onto the painting part. I ‘primed’ the head with some light blue and a lot of water. I used the soft foam to apply it. Let it dry and draw on the details you want with some silicone. Then start using darker colours and draw details.

aaaand youre done! 🙂



So the next pictures are from my Mipha head. Its basically the same but I needed a shaped head part here. I used the same kind of soft foam and fabric. But this time I bought the foam in a store. Its a second matress layer thing. It was around 10€

The first step is to draw the shape you want. Try it on your own head and the mannequin head. When its done, trace it out and cut it out of soft foam. Pin it to the head and start layering more soft foam. On this head I did it sidewards and not from bottom to top. But I recommend the method I showed you before!

After this is finished, you can start with the smoothing and cutting. I used old scratches of white Jersey here and as always some thin fleece. Mipha has a free forehead, so I figured out a form out of foam and cosplayflex to fit over my eyebrows. You can see it on the right picture! Now pin and sew the fabric and glue it over the cosplayflex part. After that I applied the top fins (made out of foam and fabric) and added some details!


Hope I could help you! Message me for more infos!